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Tax specialist
Location Geneva
Job Code 6227
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Regulatory and Tax Reportings

  • Understand regulatory risk sensitivity and has an end-to-end view of the Bank’s flow/process
  • Daily monitoring and control of regulatory reportings (MIFID II / EMIR / FMIA / FINFRAG) sent to the reporting platform(s) (i.e. locals regulators)
  • Correction of consistency issues, update reporting tool’s database
  • Liaising and coordinating with the departments  responsible for the underlying data  for the necessary corrections, explanations, data input and resubmission  of the corrected report(s)
  • Communication with the reporting engine providers (ARM, APA, TR) 
  • Performing regular and ad-hoc reporting related to statistics for internal and external parties
  • Contribute to all testing linked to regulatory and reporting updates
  • Perform monthly reconciliations, quality control and statistics of the data reported
  • Withholding of section 871 (m) taxes and payment to IRS
  • Apply to clients section 305 © taxes
  • QI/FATCA/CRS Data quality control, Reconciliation and Reporting

Withholding tax and Reconciliations

  • Answer inquiries in relation to withholding taxes including QI/FATCA and CRS
  • Reporting and tax payment to authorities (Additional Tax, Swiss Stamp duty, UK Stamp, PTM Levy…)
  • Tax monitoring and levy on clients for specific taxes (Italian, Spanish, Luxemburg … Tax)
  • Reconciliation and analysis of transactions and cash breaks to ensure the quality of tax levy and reporting.
  • Provide support to the front office about tax amounts debited and communicate with custodians and internal bank departments if any investigations are required
  • Perform regular controls on transactions and codification in our systems to ensure that the tax is properly levied and reported.
  • Prepare W8 IMY/withholding certificate/self-certification for Funds on request
  • Prepare documentation for US segregated accounts with Custodians and follow-up of possible requested FATCA taxes reimbursements
Bachelor Degree
Technical skills:
Microsoft Office / Access proficiency
Years of experience:
0-3 : beginner
Exper. in financial sector:
Experience required:
Local resident (Swiss):
Language 1:
Level 1:
Language 2:
Level 2:
Language 3:
Level 3:
Personal skills:
- Good knowledge of the financial transactions in relation to these taxes and regulations - Knowledge of the documentation to be provided by the clients in relation to these regulations - Ability to efficiently manage priorities - Be able to work independently but also as a team - Express opinions and criticism in a constructive way - Seek opportunities to improve the existing set-up - Think in "Problem-Action-Results" terms - Go beyond specific assignments, walk the extra mile - Consistently comply with internal & external regulations - Maintain quality standards despite schedule pressures
- Ensure the quality and the accuracy of the withholding/reporting done by the Bank, as a regulatory obligation in an environment which is subject to constant changes and evolutions. - Constant monitoring and reconciliation of the data to be reported daily and yearly depending on the jurisdiction. The tax and regulatory topics include FATCA / QI / CRS / Withholding taxes / MIFID II/ EMIR / FMIA / FINFRAG / Duty to disclose.
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