Business Analyst (Content Team)
Locație Bucuresti - Sediul Central
Departament Platforms&Technology
Cod 2226
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The Content Platform plays a key role in the eMAG eco-system as it is responsible for all the content and structure of the eMAG product catalog. This means developing tools and applications that allow for the gathering, storing, structuring and processing of all the data required for a product to be on sale on the eMAG platform (title, description, photo gallery, specifications, filters, unique identifiers etc.)

In our Content Platform team, we are looking for an experienced Business Analyst for challenging and exciting projects. As part of the Content Product team, you will be responsible for projects like:

  • Building Content Management Systems storing tens of millions of products in multiple languages
  • Automated translations between multiple languages, using machine translation and translation memory solutions
  • Building content review and moderation solutions using machine learning algorithms and computer vision to automate the process
  • Integrating complex flows across a multitude of internal and client-facing apps 


Key Functional Areas of Responsibility

· Implement advanced strategies for gathering, reviewing and analyzing data requirements

· Transforming the initial high-level goal into something realistic

· Translating and simplifying requirements

· Elaborate the Details of the Project

· Define the Functional Requirements and Non-Functional Requirements of the project

· Prioritize requirements and create conceptual prototypes and mock-ups

· Support the Project Implementation

· Define the User Acceptance Testing

· Documenting business flows according to the needs of the project

· Presentation of the new functionalities implemented to stakeholders


Required Experience

· Have worked in a similar role for at least 3 years using Agile methodology;

· Minimum Bachelor degree in one of the following: Business Studies, Business Administration, Management, Information Technology;

· Experience working with senior decision-makers;

· Have a proven track record with planning, scoping, releasing and maintaining the lifecycle of successful products;

· Have demonstrated success in building web products by improving critical business indicators;

· Good experience in working with data and analytics solutions;

· Have a good functional understanding of software development—maybe you were an engineer in a previous life;

· Have the ability to manage projects across functional teams and technology stacks, including the ability to comprehend issues and articulate solutions that fall outside of your team;

· Have exceptional abilities in writing, speaking, and conveying intentions.


The Perfect Candidate

  • Understanding of the business area that the project is involved with;
  • Expertise in conceptual modeling; ability to see the big picture and envision possible solutions;
  • Outstanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to multi-task;
  • Ability to facilitate a team to consensus on scope, design decisions, and implementation decisions;
  • Ability to ask strong questions to help the team see areas that may lead to problems;
  • Ability to document requirements formally or informally depending on the need of the project;
  • Understanding of the agile development process;
  • Familiarity with requirements techniques such as user stories, use cases, and informal modeling; 
  • Is autonomous and self-driven;
  • Has experience in working with big database solutions and knows his/her way around SQL or MongoDB;
  • Has experience or is eager to learn about machine learning algorithms and neural networks;
  • Is relentless and never gives up.



Grow Faster. Grow Higher.

We’re always looking for the ones truly passionate about their work. If you are amongst them, you can rest assured there is a place for you in eMAG. We grew very fast and we are determined to keep doing so. What brought us here is our desire of continuous evolution and practical results.

Over 5200 people are working now in eMAG. We strongly believe in people development and therefore every year we invest more and more energy and resources to remain an organization that is constantly learning. We want to make sure that you’ll have the most talented colleagues, as well as the proper environment to grow and achieve great results, to become what you desire on a personal and professional level.